Jeffrey Sabol: Capitol Rioter Who Attacked Cop Attempts Suicide After Failing to Flee to Switzerland Before Arrest

Jeffrey Sabol was captured on camera dragging a cop down a flight of stairs before another rioter attacked the officer with an American flag during the U.S. Capitol riots on Jan. 6.

A geophysicist from Colorado who participated in the U.S. Capitol riots that took place on Jan. 6 tried to flee the country and attempted suicide in the days after the siege.

It was revealed in court on Friday that Jeffrey Sabol, 51, bookeda flight ticket to Switzerland before attempting to take his own life in Westchester County, New York, in the wake of the insurrection.

Sabol Dragged a Cop Down US Capitol Stairs in a 'Fit of Rage'

US Capitol riots

Sabol was allegedly captured on video wearing a brown jacket and dragging a cop down a flight of stairs of the Capitol during the riot. The officer was then beaten by a frenzied crowd of Trump supporters, including one who attacked him with an American flag.

Images also show Sabol holding a police baton against an officer's neck during the siege, Gianforte said at the court proceedings on Friday. Prosecutors believe Sabol wrestled the weapon away from another officer in the melee attack, which may result in additional charges being filed against him.

Jeffrey Sabol
Jeffrey Sabol captured on camera dragging the officer down a flight of stairs on Jan. 6. Twitter

Sabol admitted to clashing with a police officer at the riot, but claimed to be in a "fit of rage," and and told authorities that his memory from much of the rest of the day is foggy, said Gianforte. Sabol was ordered held without bail at his initial court appearance in White Plains federal court, where a judge called the evidence against him "very disturbing and deeply troubling."

Suicide, Escape Attempt and Arrest

According to Assistant US Attorney Ben Gianforte, after the riot Sabol bought a plane ticket to Zurich, Switzerland – a non-extradition country with the United States. He allegedly travelled to New York City with the intention of fleeing the country but had instead attempted suicide.

"He actually tried to flee the country," Gianforte said. "He buys a ticket to a place where he thinks he won't get shipped back home to face the music." He was arrested by the FBI at the Westchester County Medical Center Friday morning, where he was recovering from his suicide attempt.

The court-appointed attorney, Jason Ser, who represented Sabol at the hearing drew attention to his job and community ties in an attempt to secure his release on bail.