Japanese Kabuki Actor Ennosuke Ichikawa in Suspected Suicide Bid Following Sex Abuse Charges; Parents Found Dead

In a shocking incident, a popular Japanese Kabuki actor was found collapsed in a closet inside his house. As per the Japanese media reports Ennosuke Ichikawa, 47, was found drifting in and out of a closet while his parents were unconscious. His parents were later declared dead. A suicide note was also found which is apparently not written by the actor according to the reports.


According to media agency Jiji Press and NHK, rescue workers discovered Ennosuke's father, 76, and mother, 75, unconscious. They were later declared dead. However, Ichikawa has been saved and is said to be not in a critical state. He is still in the hospital.

Police are currently investigating the incident's details. Ichikawa was found by his agent inside a closet in the semi-basement room of his house. Initially, Cops also found a suicide note inside the house, which is not written by the actor. The actor's parents were found in the living room which is on the second floor of the house. They had their faces up and no visible physical injury.

Recently a weekly magazine reportedly uncovered Ichikawa's involvement in sexual abuse of and power harassment of staff and other people. A famous theatre in Tokyo Meijiza had also canceled his Thursday afternoon performance, as the actor's representative informed that he was not feeling well.

Born in 1975, the 47-year-old is a known name in traditional Japanese Drama-Kabuki which is performed by male artists only. Ichikawa made his Kabuki debut in 1980. His first onstage performance was "Yoshitune Sembon Zakura'. He also produced and acted in a "Super kabuki' piece based on the popular Japanese manga " One Piece".

He also appeared in television shows and films, in addition to performing in the traditional theatre. According to his official website, he performed kabuki in London, Amsterdam, and at the Paris Opera House, and was nominated for a Laurence Olivier award for dance performance. His father was also a Kabuki actor earlier.