Japan teen moves court over school's order to dye her naturally brown hair black

An 18-year-old girl has sued her school in Osaka for ordering to dye her naturally brown hair black

Brown Hair

A Japanese teenager has taken legal action against local authorities after her school in Osaka ordered to dye her naturally brown hair black. According to the complaint filed, the student was threatened with a ban on attending the school if her naturally brown color is not colored black.

The lawsuit is now filed in Osaka District Court and she is seeking a compensation of 2.2 million yen from the Osaka prefectural government in western Japan for creating physical and mental tensions in her life.

Details of the complaint

The Kaifukan School in Osaka has strict policies when it comes to the uniform and looks of the students in their school. No student in the school is allowed to dye or bleach their hair. The complaint from the Japanese teen says that even though her natural hair color is brown, the school authorities compelled her to dye it black. As per the lawsuit filed, the school authorities have asked the girl not to attend the classes if her hair is not colored.

Due to the problems associated with dying, the girl has not attended the school since 2016. She has also suffered pain and irritation due to the dye.

When media persons asked an explanation from the school authorities, they did not comment on the issue but made it clear that the school has strict norms when it comes to dying hair.

Strict rules in Japanese schools

Rules, especially followed in Japanese schools are meant to ensure uniformity among students. Strict rules should be followed when it comes to personal appearance, and it includes the norm which prevents hair dying. As per reports, the Kaifukan school has misinterpreted the law and they believe that all the students should possess black hair even if their natural hair color is different.

There are many schools in Japan which prevent the use of jewelry and scrunchies. Some schools even strictly ask students not to pluck their eyebrows.