Jang Dong-gun on his role in crime-action thriller movie 'V.I.P.'

Jang Dong-gun talks about his role in the movie "VIP," which will be released on August 23 in Korea.

Jang Dong-gun in a poster for 'V.I.P.' Korean Film Council/Peppermint & Company

Korean star Jang Dong-gun will star in the crime-action thriller movie "V.I.P." that will be released in South Korea on August 23.

The movie is about Kim Gwang-il, son of North Korean politician suspected of being a serial killer.

Jang Dong-gun plays the role of an intelligence agent from South Korea who helps Gwang-il defect.

"In the film, the situation facing South Korea appears to be a lot like that in North Korea. That's why I think this film feels quite realistic," he told Yonhap News.

Despite criticisms, he never shows the emotional side of him in his projects like "V.I.P.," he said this was the decision of the director.

"I discussed whether to expose the emotions a lot with the director, and the conclusion was, 'Let's not expose,' because if feelings are exposed, this may weaken the film's last twist. I'm drawn more to 'dry' films these days rather than ones where emotions overflow. I think 'V.I.P' is the type of film that I like," he said.

The film also stars Lee Jong-suk, who plays the role of Gwang-il, Kim Myung-min and Park Hee-soon.

This is the first time that Jang Dong-gun wore glasses for a role in 20 years.

"It was my first time wearing glasses for a role since a TV series I appeared in about 20 years ago. I felt unnatural, as if I were wearing a disguise. In fact I tried on about 100 pairs to find the right ones before shooting started," he said at the movie's presscon, the Chosun Ilbo reported.

Jang Dong-gun is considered one of the most handsome Korean actors.

When asked if this became a hindrance to the types of characters that he can play, he said, "Why should they?"

"I grew up watching 'The Godfather' series and Hong Kong noir films. Maybe that's why I tend to play dark and heavy characters. Like many other actors, I choose projects that suit my personal tastes," he said.

He is married to actress Ko So-young who made her comeback in the TV drama "Ms. Perfect."

"So-young really brightened up and gained confidence from her appearance in the recent TV series 'Ms. Perfect,' which marked her return to acting after a 10-year break. Seeing her happy made me happy," the actor said.