Veteran actress and top climate change activist Jane Fonda revealed that she regrets not getting it on with Marvin Gaye. She was speaking about her life and regrets in an interview with The New York Times. She spoke of her relationship with Marlon Brando and also about not having any fling with Marvin Gaye during the Confirm or Deny round of the interview.

Times reporter Maureen Dowd asked Fonda if not having sex with Che Guevara was her biggest regrets in life. To this Fonda went with deny option and said "No, I don't think about him." But surprisingly the actress opened up about American singer and songwriter Marvin Gaye and said "Who I do think about, and what is a great regret is Marvin Gaye."

Marlon Brando, Jane Fonda, Marvin Gaye
Actress Jane Fonda (C) spoke about her experiences with actor Marlon Brando(L) and singer Marvin Gaye (R). Instagram

From Gaye to Brando, Fonda's Biggest Regret in Life

"He wanted to and I didn't," she said further speaking her mind. She also explained the reason she didn't get it on with Gaye and said that she was then married to Tom Hayden. "I was meeting a lot of performers to try to do concerts for Tom and the woman who was helping me do that introduced me to Marvin Gaye," she said giving details of how she met the singer. Fonda also said that she heard later on that Gaye had a picture of her stuck to his fridge. "I didn't find that out until later, after he was dead," Fonda said.

Fonda's relationship with Marlon Brando is also quite well known. When asked about her experience with Brando, her co-star in 1966 film The Chase, Fonda said that it was disappointing. But she appreciated him as an entertainer and said that he was a great actor.

I Was Brought Up to Please: Fonda

During an interview with PEOPLE in 2018, Fonda had said that she let herself defined by the men in her life. "Up until my sixties, I was to an extent, defined by the men in my life," she said. "I was brought up to please. I wanted my father to love me so I would turn myself into a pretzel to be what he wanted me to be, not necessarily what I already was," Fonda said speaking of her childhood days. "It took me getting into my sixties, and then I began to become who I was supposed to be all along," she had said.

Fonda, who is 82 now, split from her longtime boyfriend, record producer Richard Perry in 2017. She said that currently she is not interested in romance. She is active in her work with issues of climate change and due to COVID-19 has taken her forum of protest to online platforms.

Recently, she had said that she was trying to convince Trump of the ills of climate change and Ivanka Trump was put in contact with her. When Fonda spoke about climate change, Ivanka is said to have laughed and never got in touch with the actress again on the topic.