Jamie Foxx Suffers Paralysis, Blindness Due to Blood Clot Formed by Covid-19 Vax? Hollywood Journalist Claims Foxx Was Forcibly Given Shot

Rumours about Jamie Foxx, the 'Django Unchained', suffering from partial paralysis and blindness caused by a blood clot in the brain have surfaced on social media. It was also being believed that the blood clot was caused by the Covid-19 shot administered to the unwilling star by the studio.

Foxx Suffered Health Crisis on Sets of 'Back in Action'

Jamie Foxx to play Mike Tyson in the American boxer's biopic
Jamie Foxx to play Mike Tyson

The health scare happened in the month of April during the shooting of Foxx's latest film, "Back in Action," which also features Cameron Diaz. The 55-year-old actor experienced a series of health problems following which he was admitted to the hospital on April 11. However, the production on the film went ahead by using a body double for the actor's character in the film.

The rumours around his health gained momentum after Hollywood journalist A.J Benza claimed the same. Speaking on the Dr. Drew Pinsky's online show "Ask Dr. Drew," Benza said that he gathered the information for a person who was inside the room.

Benza claimed that Foxx was left "partially paralysed and blind," in addition to a series of other complications after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

"Jamie had a blood clot in his brain after he got the shot. He did not want the shot, but the movie he was on, he was pressured to get it," said the former columnist for the New York Daily News.

"The blood clot in the brain caused him at that point to be partially paralysed and blind," Benza alleged. "I am thinking, 'Is that why he blew up on the set a week before this medical emergency happened? Is that why he fired three or four people because he had had it with these mandates?'"

Social Media Reacts

Following the podcast the social media users reacted to the claims. "According to reports, Jamie Foxx is now "paralysed and blind" from a blood clot in his brain after receiving the COVID-19 "vaccine." Those of us who spoke against the mRNA shot were attacked in every imaginable way. I am infuriated a decent person like Jamie Foxx fell victim to," tweeted a user.

"Jamie Foxx should sue Pfizer...oh that's right, never mind. They have immunity from all the damages they've caused. This story is happening all over the country and no one is doing a damn thing about it. This is the definition of crimes against humanity. Pray for Jamie," wrote another.

"Maybe Jamie Foxx can do a "Million Dollar Baby" and a"Ray" crossover film now that he's paralysed and blind. Did that piss you off? Me too. Now realise that what they did to people with the vaccines should F***ING PISS YOU OFF. WAKE UP. I was forced to get one. Not by," read another tweet.