James Charles Says He Likes to Date 'Youngest,' Not Interested in Older Men in Old Video Amid Grooming Allegations [VIDEO]

The video has resurfaced in the wake of recent allegations against James Charles that he groomed a 16-year-old boy on social media.

An old video of James Charles is being widely circulated on social media in the wake of allegations that he groomed a 16-year-old on Snapchat.

The beauty vlogger admits to being into "young people" and that he was not physically attracted to older men in a clip from his appearance on the 200th episode of Jake Paul's 'IMPAULSIVE' podcast

"So, the thing is for me, I'm 21 but I have the mentality of a 40-year-old. So, for me, I'm much more mentally and emotionally mature than a lot of people my age," Charles says in the video. "I'm not physically attracted to older guys, which sucks. Like, I would date the absolute youngest like 18-19 that looks a little bit older."

Watch the video below:

Twitter Reactions

The resurfaced video added fuel to the recent grooming allegations against Charles. "No James... that's absolutely not okay...," wrote one user, while another commented, "But the ppl who he does talk to...don't look older at all...so what is he talkin ab????"

A third user pointed out that in the same podcast, Charles talks about dating boys who are still in high school.

Here are some of the other reactions:

Grooming Allegations Against Charles

Charles was accused of grooming last week after a 16-year-old fan claimed in a since-deleted video on Twitter that the influencer sent him explicit images on Snapchat and pressured him to reciprocate the sexts, even after he told the internet celebrity his age.

James Charles
James Charles Twitter

The teenager, who goes by Isaiyah, even shared screenshots of their alleged back-and-forth communication that included illicit photos and text messages, as previously reported. However, Charles denied the allegations in a statement on Friday as "completely false." He admitted to exchanging photos with the teen, but said he was under the impression that the individual was 18.

Charles' high school friend also recently came forward to talk about the YouTuber's alleged manipulative behavior in a YouTube video. According to the individual, Charles would allegedly catfish straight men using pictures of women from his class. Watch the video below: