Jaelyn: OnlyFans Star Fired From Nursing Job as Her RACY Snaps, Videos Distract Co-Workers

A nurse was fired from her job due to her racy snaps and videos. Jaelyn was sacked as colleagues used to watch her erotic clips and pics on an X-rated site during work hours.

Jaelyn, who is an OnlyFans star, has been earning immense money from the racy platform for the past year.

She was asked to work one day recently. But when she clocked in, she was immediately greeted by a woman she'd never seen before who asked to speak with her. It turned out that the nurses at one of the nursing homes had been looking at her social media and OnlyFans account while Jaelyn was out of the room and with patients, according to the New York Post.

She said that "she can't have that happening every time that I work so she has to let me go." Sher also underlined that the "main reason for letting me go is because they need a job more than I do."

Jaelyn still works as a nurse despite getting immense money from her racy content as she believes that wealth generated from X-rated platforms is uncertain. Detailing that her earnings from the racy site could be of any time, Jaelyn stated that one month, she makes $600 and another month around $50,000.

Jaelyn is filing a complaint of wrongful dismissal against the staff. She has also scheduled a meeting with the woman, who fired her. The former nurse will ask the woman to provide a written explanation.

Her fans and social media users were furious because of her termination. "That is 110% a lawsuit ... no questions asked. Unless it specifically says something in the code of conduct for that employer," wrote a Twitter user.

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This article was first published on September 18, 2022