Jacqueline Jossa threatens to quit 'I'm A Celebrity' suspecting Dan Osborne of infidelity

Gabby's, Myles Stephenson, shared suspicions about Dan cheating on Jossa during his Spain trip with Gabby

Suspecting infidelity on her husband's part, contestant Jacqueline Jossa threatened to quit the show, I'm A Celebrity. Jossa married Dan Osborne two years ago and they have two daughters, Ella (4) and Mia (15 months).

The issue of infidelity arose after Rak Su singer, Myles Stephenson, co-contestant on the show, shared his suspicions about his ex-girlfriend Gabby Allen sleeping with Dan during their trip to Marbella, April 2018.

What caused the uproar?

In the scenes that haven't been broadcast yet, Jossa threatened the makers that she would quit the show if she wasn't given a chance to speak with her husband. Following the 27-year-old's meltdown coupled with threats, the makers of the show allowed her to temporarily leave the Australian jungles, where the show is currently being shot, and leave a voicemail for her husband.

In turn, Dan would be allowed to leave one voice mail for the celebrity. The decision to interact over voicemails, was taken as it would not lead to an unfair advantage for Jossa.

Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne
Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne jacjossa/Instagram

According to a source, the actress was hysterical after the startling revelation made by Myles. "Jacqueline was beside herself after Myles told her what he believed. She was nothing short of hysterical," the source said.

"Jacqueline has been fantastic to watch so producers really wanted to avoid a situation where she walked out. But equally they were very conscious about a duty of care towards her and had to consider her mental state. After allowing her to leave the voicemail, and letting Dan leave one back, she was offered the chance to remain in the show and accepted," the source further added as reported by The Sun.

The 'On and Off' relationship of Jossa-Dan

It is not the first time that the couple has made headlines with their relationship. Last year, Dan was pictured with former 'Love Island' star, Gabby Allen, on a yacht in Spain.

Following the appearance of those pictures in tabloids, Jossa broke up with Dan temporarily and threw him out of their family home. It was only after the birth of their second daughter, Mia, in June that Dan moved back in and the couple decided to give their marriage another chance.

The couple parted ways again after the news of Dan cheating with Alexandra Cane, another contestant on 'Love Island', came to light.

Myles-Gabby controversy

Recently, Myles was branded a 'liar' by ex Gabby after he confessed about his struggle in finding 'the one' on the show. While talking to Ian Wright and Roman Kemp, his co-contestants on the show, Myles said that he feared of failing to find a 'meaningful relationship', because he doesn't know if girls are only interested in him for his fame.

Before entering the show, Myles was dumped by Gabby after she caught him exchanging flirtatious messages with other women.