Jacob Hoggard: Canadian Singer Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Woman; Faces 14 Years in Prison

Former frontman of the Canadian band Hedley 'Jacob Hoggard' has been convicted of sexually assaulting a woman he met on Tinder. The jury found he caused bodily harm to the Ottawa woman.

However, he was acquitted of the same charge involving a teenage fan. The pop star had pleaded not guilty to all the three charges.

Jacob Hoggard
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The trial in the case was delayed and it began on May 5 in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The former Hedley frontman was acquitted of one count of sexual interference, an offense that refers to touching someone under 16. The charge stemmed from an allegation that the musician had groped the younger complainant at one of his concerts when she was 15, according to CBS News.

The jury came to the decision on Sunday after concluding more than 40 hours of the deliberations. The instructions to the jury were given by Justice Gillian Roberts on Tuesday.

The judge pointed out that stricter bail conditions will be in place for the singer during the hearing on Monday.

Jacob Hoggard Could Face 14 Years Prison Sentence

So far, the sentencing date for the Hoggard has not been declared but the judge suggested that sentencing could take place over the summer.

Roberts did not set a sentencing date for Hoggard on Sunday but indicated his sentencing would likely take place over the summer.

The maximum prison sentence on the conviction of sexual assault is for 14 years. There is no minimum sentence unless a firearm is involved or the complainant is younger than 16.

Jacob Hoggard Raped A Young Woman in Toronto-area Hotel

In early June, the court heard testimony that Hoggard had raped a teenage fan and a young woman. The court was told that both were raped in the fall of 2016 in Toronto-area hotel rooms separately.