J-Pop Idol Nishioka Kengo Accuses Agency Employee of Raping Him

Japanese pop idol Nishioka Kengo accused Watanabe Entertainment employee of raping, sexually assaulting him and expressed his wish to quit being a pop star

A J-pop male idol has accused a Japanese agency employee of raping and sexually assaulting him over the years. The idol who is currently doing well in his career had recently expressed his wish to quit the entertainment industry.

J-pop idol Nishioka Kengo, who is 24 now, was sexually assaulted by a high ranking employee working in the agency representing Kengo. According to Weekly Wenchun's report, Kengo had told his agency Watanabe Entertainment that he wanted to quit from the entertainment industry.

Kengo had accused Tsuyoshi Osawa, an employee working in a high position in the agency of sexually assaulting him. The report claimed that Osawa had forcibly taken Kengo into a bathroom and forced him to have oral sex and also raped him. Kengo also complained that during meetings, Osawa stroked his thighs, touched his private parts.

Kengo Sexually Abused Since 2018?

Nishioka Kengo
Nishioka Kengo is a a popular Japanese male idol who recently said that he wanted to quit entertainment industry. Instagram

Kengo is a popular J-pop idol who debuted at the age of 19. He became popular because of his singing and funny wit. But due to his petite frame, he has been confused as a girl on many occasions. But this feminine beauty also helped him gain more fans who find him cute.

According to a report in the Shukan Bunshun website, Kengo has been sexually assaulted since 2018 by Osawa. The report stated that Osawa invited Kengo to his house in February 2019. He allegedly raped the singer and forcibly took pictures when the singer was naked. A large amount of money was transferred to Kengo's account following this incident, but the money came from Osawa's personal account, claimed the report.

Kengo Seduced Me First, Says Osawa

However, reacting to the accusations of rape, Osawa said that Kengo was not disciplined as an actor. "I intend to teach him and make him disciplined," he said. Osawa also accused Kengo of seducing him first.

Kengo was a part of MAG! CPRINCE group. He has also worked as a radio broadcaster and has hosted several television programs. The agency has not issued any statements in this regard yet. However, the case is being investigated by the police. More details on the case are awaited.