IVE Member Jang Won Young Faces Criticism for Using iPhone While Promoting Samsung Device

IVE member Jang Won Young has faced criticisms from eagle-eyed fans for using iPhone while promoting a Samsung device. The K-pop received backlash from netizens after she posted a photo on her Instagram page with a black heart emoji. The selfie captured the attention of several social media users. They criticized the singer for misleading her followers.

Won Young posted the controversial photo to her social media page after attending the Samsung Unpacked event in South Korea earlier this week. She took part in the event as a celebrity promoter. The singer also appeared in Sydney Sweeney's show-and-tell about Samsung's new ZFlip5 phone. During the program, she took a selfie of the duo together.

Later, the IVE member reposted the image on her social media page. When her followers noticed the black heart emoji with the picture, they started criticizing her.

"Bro, why are they collaborating with Samsung when they all have iPhones!" a netizen wrote.

Meanwhile, several of her fans defended the K-pop idol by saying that she was not an official model for the brand. A few netizens claimed that Android phones can have a black heart emoji. It is not something exclusive to iPhone. In the meantime, some fans said there is nothing wrong with using two phones. It is common now.

IVE Member Jang Won Young
IVE Member Jang Won Young at the Samsung Unpacked event. Instagram/Jang Won Young

Fans' Reactions

She does not have exclusive contract with Samsung and she was paid just to be there. It's a normal thing. If Samsung wanted her to use their phones they would put her on such contract.

You know what... any Android phones have black heart emoji. It depends on the keyboard they used. The haters really have no life.

I am not even a fan of her but damn, let the woman live. No matter what she does some people will always find something to nag about

People that care so much about this desperately need to log off the internet and find a real purpose for their lives

A lot of people have two phones though, a work phone and a private phone. It's fine to use different brands. Just because she uses something in her private life doesn't mean she can't advertise a different one. Imagine if, for example, a supermarket employee could only shop at the supermarket they work at or a bus driver who is not allowed to take a bus from a different company when they are elsewhere lol. it's ridiculous!