iTunes 12.4 bug causing Apple Music playback issues with shorter tracks

A new bug in iTunes 12.4 is allegedly stalling Apple Music playback with tracks shorter than 60 seconds.

A new bug has been discovered in iTunes 12.4 which causes playback issues with Apple Music tracks shorter than a minute or 60 seconds. The root cause of the problem has been attributed to a buffering bug that stalls the streaming for the next track if the current one being played is shorter than 60 seconds.

In other words, iTunes will stall waiting for the next song in the queue to finish downloading, although it has never even started streaming or buffering completely. The bug has already been reported to Apple while the company is yet to acknowledge or release a fix for this problem.

Meanwhile, a member of the MacRumors forum has successfully reproduced the issue using a network-activity monitoring tool called 'fswatch' and identified the root cause of the problem:

Folks at MacRumors have successfully reproduced the issue on Macs running OS X 10.11.5 and iTunes 12.4.1 while the bug is conspicuously absent when playing locally stored tracks and albums. It is further confirmed that the bug only affects streamed songs via Apple Music. However, the issue is not reproducible in macOS Sierra or iOS 9.3.2.

Check out the MacRumors' demo video depicting Apple Music playback bug on iTunes 12.4.1 in action (below):