It's Time to Leave Planet Earth, Says American physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson strongly believes that humans will be compelled to explore distant star systems to survive

neil deGrasse Tyson
Neil deGrasse Tyson (Top) Representational Images (Bottom) Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay

It was around a few days back that NASA, the United States space agency sent its Perseverance Rover to Mars, to identify signs of alien life that may have once existed on the Red Planet. This mission carried out by NASA has huge significance for the future, as it acts as a laying stone to achieve humanity's ultimate aim -- colonization of Mars. And now, popular American physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has stressed that the current research is very crucial for humanity in the long run.

Time Up to Leave Planet Earth

Neil deGrasse Tyson made these remarks during a talk on his Star Talk podcast. According to Tyson, the rise in sun's temperature could make earth inhabitable in the future, and humans will be compelled to migrate to other planets. He also hinted at the necessity of exploring other star systems in the future to ensure the existence of humanity in the cosmos.

"If Earth is destroyed, we have 4.5 billion years left, but if Earth is ready to be vaporized by the Sun, you need some ability to planet hop. The Sun will grow in size, the temperature of the surface will get hotter and hotter, then it's time to move folks. You pick up your luggage and you move to Mars, the next farthest planet from the Sun. But the Sun will also start to make Mars hot, so you want to move farther out again. Then the Sun will eventually die and can no longer be a source of energy to any of us," said Tyson.

Humans to Cause Human Extinction

During the talk, Tyson also revealed that humans could result in human extinction, and it may happen much earlier before nature intervenes. According to Tyson, advancements in the human brain and technology could negatively impact the species in the coming years, and the ultimate result of these developments could be total extinction.

"But it might be that intelligence, as we come to know it and understand it, is contraindicated of the survival of the species. You could become so smart that it's impossible to survive because you invent something that is cool and it's the end of the world. Once you have the power over nature and the forces of nature are greater than you, then you are wielding forces that can render your own extinction," added Tyson.

A few months back, Neil deGrasse Tyson had predicted one natural cause that could bring doomsday on the planet. Tyson believes that the possibility of an asteroid hit on planet earth cannot be ruled out. According to Tyson, devastating events like asteroid hits are not confined to the past, and it could happen in the future too.

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