It's summer time! Best tips to stay healthy in scorching heat

IBTimes Singapore lists out some cool tips to beat the heat and achieve a good health this summer.

Summer tips

Summer is already here and it's time for us to get ready for the heat of the scorching sun. It requires a little change in diet to keep your body going in the extreme weather. Summer is the season to let go of elaborate affairs and embrace the easy and natural look.

From using UV protectant on hair to using facial blotting paper to eating healthy fruits and wearing perfect clothes while stepping out, IBTimes Singapore lists out some cool tips to beat the heat and achieve a good health.

Hydrate your body

The best of all summer health tips to beat the heat is to keep your body well-hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids. Summer is the time of fruity cocktails and iced tea but the best thing you can do for you body and your skin is to drink lots and lots of water. Water is the greatest agent for maintaining good health always. You won't realize how important drinking a lot of water is until you actually start doing it. One should try to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. In case, if you feel that your body is losing out on a lot of salts in summer than simply add a pinch of salt in every glass of water that you drink.

Maintain a good diet

During the winter seasons it's hard to get really good fruits and vegetables, but you get a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables during summer time. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain lots of water such as watermelon and fresh berries. Replace your snacks with your fruits and veggies. The water from these gets easily absorbed through the bloodstream and provides a cooling effect. Consuming onions can also be one way to remain cool.

Wear summer clothes

In order to prevent the high levels of heat, experts highly recommend wearing loose and light clothes during summer. Do not burden yourself with heavy clothing and dark colors as it can make you feel more hot and irritated. When you are planning to go out, wear full sleeved shirts and complete pants and don't forget to carry your pair of sunglasses, a hat or an umbrella always with you.

Always use sunscreen

While enjoying the sun and outdoors, protect yourself from overexposure to sunlight by wearing a hat and using natural sunscreens without excessive chemicals. It is important to use a suncream lotion of at least SPF 30 in order to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. For sensitive skin, a mineral-based sunscreen is best. Don't sit in the sun in peak hours between 10am and 4pm in order to minimize UV radiation. If you are planning to be out in the sun for a long period of time, reapply suncream every two to three hours.

You can also carry an Aloe Vera gel for overexposure and have an aloe plant growing in your home for any kind of burn. The cooling and healing gel inside the leaves will soothe any sunburn.

Exfoliation is important

Summer means an increase of dead skin cells so it is important to exfoliate your skin to keep it smooth and silky. You don't need to buy any expensive products to achieve that summer glow; simply use a loafer for a light scrub or make your own exfoliation lotion using a handful of oatmeal, milk and yoghurt.

Exercise is a must

Exercising seems like it's much harder in the heat but you'll really feel like you're working if you're sweating. If you're not the kind of person who loves to work out, then try just doing some yard work or going on a long walk in the sun. The aim is get your body moving and sweating. Even doing some yoga outside can be really good for you to get the ball rolling.