'It's Okay to Not be Okay' Premiere: Here Is All You Need to Know About Cast, Plot And Streaming

The psychological romantic thriller drama It's Okay to Not be Okay starring Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji will air on tvN and Netflix from June 20.

It's Okay to Not be Okay, a Korean psychological romantic thriller drama, starring Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji, is all set to premiere on June 20. The story is described as a 'healing' romance that resembles a storybook fantasy.

Also known as Psycho, the drama is a story about Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun), who is serving in a psychiatric ward as a community health worker and Go Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji), a popular writer of children's books with an antisocial personality disorder. But the two slowly begin to heal each other's emotional wounds after their disastrous encounter.

A Thrilling Trailer

The trailer shows an aggressive Go Moon Young who does not care about getting hurt or hurting others, even ready to bleed herself to make a point. But Moon Kang Tae portrays a selfless man who is at loss but prepares to heal the wounds of the anti-social writer, using all his might and willpower.

Kim Soo Hyun Seo Ye Ji
A still from the drama It's Okay Not to be Okay starring Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji. Instagram

Stills before the premiere of the drama show Go Moon Young and Moon Kang Tae in a close encounter. Moon Young is provocative as she grips Kang Tae's neck leaving him with a stunned expression. But the next set of stills show Moon Young turning away unexpectedly making Kang Tae make a choice and give her a healing touch, helping her calm down.


Apart from Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji who will play the leads on the show, Oh Jung Se plays Moon Sang Tae, Kang Tae's specially challenged older brother. Park Kyu Young plays Nam Joo Ri, Kang Tae's coworker. Moon Woo Jin plays young Moon Kang Tae. Kim Joo Hun, Kim Chang Wan, Kim Mi Kyung, Lee Eol , Jang Young Nam, Kang Ki Doong , Jang Gyu Ri and Park Jin Joo also play vital roles in the drama.


It's Okay to Not be Okay is set to air on tvN every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST. But Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji fans can watch the drama worldwide on Netflix from June 20, 2020.

This is Kim Soo Hyun's first drama after returning from his military enlistment. The My Love From The Star actor enlisted in the military on October 23, 2017. After serving as an active-duty soldier he was released from duty in July 2019.

Soo Hyun is a bowling enthusiast and had tried to enter the field as a professional bowler in October 2016. At a bowling event, he ranked 10 out of 114 participants. But in the second round, he scored 192.3 while the cut off was 200 points and couldn't continue in the tournament.

Both Soo Hyun and Ye Ji signed with the company Gold Medalist in January 2020 along with Kim Sae Ron.

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