From Italy to US: Famous tourist spots are deserted amid rising fear of the Covid-19

Several famous destinations have been closed including destinations that were previously crowded

A famous tourist spot in Arizona is being closed off following the growing concern of the coronavirus in the United States. The Havasupai Tribal Council announced that the tourist destination located in a deep gorge in the Grand Canyon will be closed temporarily to avoid any large gathering.

The tribe's reservation is known for the blue-green waterfalls which attract several tourists throughout the year. Starting Monday the spot will be closed for 30 days. The tribe also said that the tourists who have a reservation for the campgrounds and other facilities can reschedule it for 2021.

The Havasupai Chairwoman Eva Kissoon said that the health and safety of the tourists and tribal members, employees, and consultants of the tribe is the priority now. For the tribe the primary source of income is tourism. No cases have been reported in the village of Supai but to protect from any sort of outbreak in the region the tribe is taking precautionary measures. It is not just the Havasupai Tribal Council taking the necessary steps to close down crowded regions. Several tourist spots are being closed off due to the Covid-19.

Early morning photograph of Havasu Falls
Early morning photograph of Havasu Falls — at Supai, within the Havasupai Indian Reservation. Located in the lower Grand Canyon, Arizona Wikimedia Commons

Deserted tourist spots across the world

Several tourist spots across the world have closed down and look deserted as people tweet pictures of the places that are usually filled with people. Streets in Venice and London look abandoned with barely anyone walking across the streets.

Milan and Venice are both effected and the whole of Italy has been under lockdown to protect the citizens. A Twitter user explained that the streets of Rome are eerily quiet with no one in sight. People are also sharing webcam images to show various destinations in Italy that are completely deserted.

It is not just Italy with people sparsely walking across the streets. Pictures London showed a similar sight were people were barely seen in popular locations like the Pall Mall. The busy airports from around the world like the JFK in New York and various other airports were seen deserted with barely any travellers. A user shared their ride to work in Glasgow which showed the train cars and stations to be near empty.

People are also avoiding travel to religious destinations like Mecca to avoid possible crowds. But images posted by several pilgrims showed that even these spaces were also without many people. Even streets in Bethlehem are also deserted due to the lockdown in the Palestinian city.

China has slowly started to open the places under lockdown

As the National Health Commission announced on Thursday that the country has surpassed the peak stage and the cases have started to fall, China has started to get back on its feet. Cities across China are trying to get back to normal and have started to open the tourist spots and parks. Even Hubei is being reopened and travel restrictions being lifted.

Although the number of visitors would be limited the country is getting back to normalcy. The government in Shanghai reopened most of the parks and several major attractions including the Chenshan Botanical Garden and the city zoo. China is still bracing for more cases including imported cases.

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