Italians over age 80 and with deteriorating health issues would be 'left to die', claims new report

As coronavisus risk in Italy heightens, a report claims that an Italy document prescribes that those who are 80+ and in high risk would be left to die

Italy had only three confirmed COVID-19 cases three weeks ago but now has more than 21,000. Victims of coronavirus in Italy aged 80 and more or are in poor health would be denied access to intensive therapy in conditions of scarce resources, according to a document prepared by crisis management unit in Turin, as reported by Telegraph.

A recent report told that Bergamo cemetery of Lombardy region in Italy turned to an emergency mortuary after the region's two hospitals could hold no more, such is the condition of deaths caused by COVID-19. "The criteria for access to intensive therapy in cases of emergency must include age of less than 80 or a score on the Charlson comorbidity Index [which indicates how many other medical conditions the patient has] of less than 5," says the document by the civil protection department of the Piedmont region as reported.

A doctor said that it is decided by age and by the patient's health conditions, while the ability of the patient to recover from resuscitation would be considered. "This is how it is in a war," adds the doctor.


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The document further sets the guideline in case of a condition where there would be an imbalance between the clinical needs of the patient and the availability of resources. Depending on the case, this would force hospitals to focus on cases in which the cost/benefit ratio would be favourable for the treatment.

The document is complete, with only approval from a technical-scientific committee. This would apply throughout Italy, according to govt sources, claims the report.

Aged are most prone to death

Hospital Beds per 1000 inhabitants
3.2 Hospital Beds per 1000 inhabitants: Italy OECD Health Statistics: Health care resources

We now know that the aged are most vulnerable to death. The China's Center for Disease Control (CCDC), in a study, concludes that the more one ages, the more is one prone to death after getting infected. Precisely, about 14.8 percent among the infected who are aged more than 80 had died, according to the study.

Italy, having 5,090 intensive care beds has 21,157 reported cases of COVID-19 with 1,966 recoveries and 1,441 deaths. In a statement to Washington Post, Antonio Pesenti, on Friday said, "It's as if you were asking what to do if an atomic bomb explode. You declare defeat. We'll try to salvage what is salvageable." who is the head of Lombardy's intensive crisis care unit, the region where COVID-19 is most hit with a death toll is 966. Following the document's guidelines, "Some patients denied intensive care will in effect be left to die, doctors fear," added the report.

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