Italian Woman Killed, Torn Apart By Brother's Dog When She Tried to Feed it While He was on Vacation

Patrizia La Marca
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An Italian woman was mauled to death by her brother's dog that "tore her apart" after she came to bring it food.

Patrizia La Marca, 53, was feeding the Rottweiler when the savage hound atacked her and mangled the woman with its jaws.

Patrizia was Feeding the Dog While Her Brother was on Holiday

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According to authorities, the horrific incident happened in Ventimiglia, a resort town in the province of Imperia, in northern Italy, on Wednesday afternoon. It is believed Patrizia was tasked with feeding the dog for her brother, a well-known trade unionist, was away on holidays with his wife.

When she attempted to feed the canine, it attacked her and ripped off chunks of her body as she tried to defend herself. Patrizia was found in a pool of her own blood when neighbours discovered her, who immediately called emergency services.

Trauma Suffered was 'Horrendous'

Emergency responders arrived on scene at about 4pm and found the victim with gruesome injuries to her arms, chests, shoulders and head. Police were also on scene, who shot and injured the animal before taking it to a kennel under judicial control. The injured woman was airlifted to a nearby hospital but later succumbed to the injuries.

An emergency responder told local media the trauma suffered was horrendous. "The body was torn apart in several places, the individual said. "A very serious clinical situation... I have never seen anything like it." It is currently unclear if the injured dog will be put down. The authorities are investigating the incident.