In a bizarre rant in Italy's Parliament, anti-vax lawmaker Sara Cunial called out tech-billionaire Bill Gates for his alleged "crimes against humanity [sic]". Cunial last week referred to Gates as the World Health Organization's (WHO) financer, "philanthropist and savior of the world" and said that he had predicted the pandemic in 2018, referring to his discussion on the issue with Massachusetts Medical Society and the New England Journal of Medicine in April 2018.

In his discussion then, Gates said that the world wasn't prepared for a pandemic. In 2018, he predicted a 1918-flu like pandemic in the coming decade that could kill 30 million within a short span of six months, Business Insider reported.

bill gates support memphis meats startup
Microsoft founder Bill Gates invests in lab-grown meat startup Memphis Meats. Reuters

Speaking further, Curian claimed: "For decades, Gates has been working on depopulation policy and dictatorial control plans on global politics, aiming to obtain the primacy on agriculture, technology and energy". She went on to claim that Gates said that by doing a "good job on vaccines, health and reproduction, the global population can be reduced by 10-15 percent [sic]" and that "only genocide can save the world [sic]".

Sharpening her attack on Gates, the anti-vax lawmaker claimed that through vaccination, he sterilized millions of women in Africa and that he was behind the polio pandemic that crippled half a million children in India. She also included 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories in her rant, stating that Gates does business with several multinational corporations that own 5G facilities in the USA.

She also ranted against the lockdown imposed to curb the spread of novel coronavirus. "It is our children who will lose more, who are 'raped souls'", Curian said. "In this way, the right to school will be granted only with a bracelet to get them used to probation, to get them used to slavery and involuntary treatment".

"The real goal of all of this is total control. Absolute domination of human beings, transformed into guinea pigs and slaves, violating sovereignty and free will", she added. She concluded her tirade by urging Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to refer Gates' case to the International Criminal Court. "Next time you receive a phone call from the philanthropist Bill Gates forward it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity", she said, RT reported.

Sarah Collins was elected to the Italian Parliament in 2018. She is a member of the 5 Star Movement, a political party from which she was briefly suspended for her Facebook post in which she compared vaccination to a "free genocide. She was readmitted and got elected to the Chamber of Deputies, one of the two legislative chambers of the Italian Parliament.