Bing Liu murder: Conspiracy theory - Bill Gates behind Chinese coronavirus researcher mystery death

  • According to University of Pittsburgh, the Chinese researcher was on the 'verge of a breakthrough'

  • Conspiracy theories now claim Dr Liu was murdered as he had found important results about COVID 19

The mysterious murder-suicide of Chinese coronavirus researcher, who according to the University of Pittsburgh, was on the "verge of a breakthrough" has fueled several bizarre conspiracy theories but one particular conspiracy theory is now blaming Bill Gates to be responsible for the killing of Dr Bing Liu.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, conspiracy theories have been speculating that the Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates created the coronavirus to control the world population. Now many on the Internet once again are pointing blame on Bill Gates for the mysterious death of Dr Bing Liu.

Bill Bling

The 37-year-old research assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Dr. Bing Liu was found dead in his home on Elm Court from apparent gunshot wounds to his head, neck, and torso, Ross Township Police said on May 2.

On the same day, the police also had found a second dead man, who was later identified as Hao Gu. He was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in his car on Charlemagne Circle, near Elm Court, the police said.

The local Ross Township Police has now handed the case over the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and has concluded that Dr. Liu murder was the result of a lengthy dispute regarding an intimate partner. A love triangle is not ruled and they added that there was no evidence to suggest his murder had anything to do with coronavirus research.

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Conspiracy Theory - Bill Gates behind murder of Bing Liu

The murder of the Dr. Liu has sparked several bizarre theories with many asking questions such as "Bing Liu is mysteriously dead? Bill Gates, did you do something sir?"

There also some who see a relation between the murder of Bing Liu and Bill Gates. "With a researcher on the verge of a vaccine breakthrough is found brutally murdered and with billions at play, with nefarious world-domination freaks like Bill Gates, do you really think the death of Dr. Bing Liu is unrelated? I think not! " a user commented on Twitter.

Another user believed the reason the Chinese researcher was murdered: "Dr. Bing Liu.He found important results about covid 19 and explained this and was killed."

There are other who believe a co-relation between Bing murder and Bill Gates vaccines. "Dreadful to be murdered while making a breakthrough in cv19 research. Who would do this and what is the motive. This cv19 has smelled fishy right from the first mention of Bill Gates' vaccines. RIP Bing Lui," a Twitter user @pipfox1 commented.

However, the most bizarre conspiracy theory that connected Bill Gates and Bing's murder were from a Twitter user, who found that it was "not a coincidence that Bing Liu's first name is also the name of Bill Gates' search engine?"

Why everyone thinks Bill Gates is behind coronavirus outbreak?

On the Internet, the conspiracy theory that Bill Gates is responsible for coronavirus outbreak is one of the most popular conspiracy theories, followed by the UK 5G spreads coronavirus claims that have seen angry British locals attacking engineers and burning mobile towers.

According, The New York Times report published on April 17 anti-vaccinators, members of the conspiracy group QAnon and right-wing pundits, were using a 2015 Ted Talk speech by Bill Gates, in which he had warned that in the future millions of lives will be lost due to an infectious virus, to fuel disinformation.

The viral Bill Gates speech many see as proof that the Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates had prior knowledge of the coronavirus pandemic. There are also claims that the billionaire philanthropist was the creator of the COVID 19 causing coronavirus and will now use the COVID 19 vaccine to control the global population.