Israeli Airstrikes Inside Damascus Kill 5 Syrian Soldiers; Tel Aviv Says It Targets Pro-Iranian Militias

At least five Syrian soldiers and four others were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Damascus on Wednesday. The airstrike targeted an ammunition depot and key locations of Iranian military in the area.

The air assault was conducted early at dawn around Damascus and caused some material damages in the area.

Israel airstrike on Damascus
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Israel Conducted Over 100 Strikes

Israel had conducted over a hundred airstrikes against the region since 2011. They targeted the government's positions and Iran-backed Hezbullah militants.

On Tuesday, an Israeli drone crashed near the border on the Syrian side. Previously, Israel conducted airstrikes against Damascus on April 14.

Israel launches airstrikes on Lebanon
Israel launches airstrikes on Lebanon in response to rockets Twitter

It's the third Israeli attack in Syria this month.

Surface-To-Surface Missiles Were Fired

Syrian media pointed out that surface-to-surface missiles were fired from northern Israel at military positions near Damascus.

Syrian air defenses responded to the Israeli attack. "Our air defenses confronted an Israeli aggression over the outskirts of Damascus," SANA news agency quoted a military source as saying.

A number of Israeli missiles were destroyed, the source added. The Syrian military has claimed a number of times that they destroyed Israeli rockets, a claim which war experts say is hard to believe as the country lacks competent defensive equipment, according to The Times of Israel.

Explosions were reported near Masyaf town, a key area which Israel claims Iranian forces and pro-Iranian militias use. The area has been the target of Israel's repeated military strikes.

Israel's attack in the Russia-dominated region has surged amid the Ukraine war but Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has neither directly criticized Moscow nor announced any sanctions against Russia. Although, Israel has increased its support to Ukraine.

Experts see the move as Israel is being very cautious over its approach to the Ukraine conflict as the Russian military has a strong presence in its neighborhood and any miscalculation can lead to direct military action between the two countries.

This article was first published on April 27, 2022