Israel-Hamas War: Another Tale of Tragic End, Family Of Five Found Dead In Each Others' Arms

IDF Saves life a mother and her son

As Israel- hams conflict intensifies with possible ground assault by IDF inside Gaza to eliminate Hamas completely, the heart wrenching stories of October 7, Hamas' barbaric attack are coming to the fore one after the other. The devastating accounts of the victims, including a family of five who perished in each other's arms and an engaged couple, have revealed the horrors of this fateful day.

The Kutz Family's Heartbreaking Fate

On that dreadful day, the Kutz family, consisting of Aviv (54), Livnat (49), Rotem (19), Yonatan (17), and Yiftach (17), were discovered lifeless in their bed at their home in Kfar Aza, near the Gaza border. These innocent souls, embracing each other in their final moments, fell victim to the ruthless terrorists who stormed into Israel, as reported by the Times of Israel. Adi Levy Salama, the aunt of the children, tearfully expressed, "We were supposed to visit them on the day they were murdered."

Aviv family

Aviv, a deputy director of a consulting firm and an agricultural worker, was known for organizing an annual kite festival near the Gaza fence to symbolize the desire for peace. Livnat, a graphic designer born during the Yom Kippur War, shared her dreams of peace. Rotem, an IDF soldier who trained new recruits, was committed to the cause. Yonatan and Yiftach, both students at Kfar Hayarok boarding school and passionate basketball players, had promising lives ahead.

"They were all amazing kids with huge hearts. They had their whole lives ahead of them," their grief-stricken aunt emphasized.

The Unfulfilled Dreams of Niral Zini and Niv Raviv

Another couple from Kfar Aza, IDF officers Niral Zini (31) and Niv Raviv (27), had their dreams cut short. Zini had planned to propose to Raviv on October 10th, but tragically, the engagement ring was found among the ashes of their home at the kibbutz, according to Ynet. In a chilling message sent before the attack, Zini had written, "They're here. I'm putting the phone down — pray."

He courageously tried to fend off the terrorists with a knife, protecting the shelter where Raviv hid under a bed. The couple remained missing until Friday when their families received the heart-wrenching news that their bodies had been discovered after the brutal massacre.

Hundreds of mourners gathered for their funerals in Netanya. Both Zini and Raviv were in the military reserves, with Zini holding the rank of a major and Raviv as a captain. Their love story was one of resilience and hope, as they celebrated Zini's survival from an operation in Hebron on October 10, 2015, with a special meal each year. Zini's aspiration was to study law to assist physically and mentally injured soldiers, while Raviv was on her path to becoming a clinical psychologist.

"That's how they were," shared Shahar Schechter, the partner of Gil, Niv's older brother. "Always thought of the other, always wanted to help. Give of themselves, loved people so much...only give and help those who need it."

Hope Amidst Tragedy: IDF Soldiers' Heroic Rescue

Amidst the terror, there were heroes who emerged to save lives. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) released a video showcasing the remarkable efforts of the special forces Oketz Unit. They successfully rescued a woman and her son who had been trapped in their home for hours.

In the video, a soldier approached and reassured the terrified family in Hebrew, saying, "It's the IDF, it's the IDF. How are you? Everything is OK. Happy holiday, happy holiday. Are you with someone here?"

These heartwarming acts of bravery during such a traumatic time provide a glimmer of hope amidst the tragedy that unfolded on that fateful day.