Israel - Hamas War: American Tech Entrepreneur Discovers Daughter's Dead Body Inside Car After Hamas Attack

Heartbroken father located daughter using tracking feature of iPhone and Apple Watch

Amid continuing Israel-Hamas war, several horrific tales of tragedies and personal loss are surfacing every few hours. In a deeply distressing turn of events, a tech entrepreneur, Eyal Waldman, witnessed his worst nightmare when he discovered his daughter's lifeless body in a car filled with bullet holes after a terrorist attack in Israel.

Eyal Waldman is the founder of Mellanox, a company that provides computer network products.

Danielle Waldman

The horrifying incident took place when Hamas militants launched an attack during a music festival in Israel, resulting in the loss of hundreds of innocent lives. Eyal Waldman was desperately hoping to find his 24-year-old daughter, Danielle Waldman, safe amidst the chaos.

To locate his daughter, Eyal used the tracking features on her phone and Apple Watch. However, what he discovered was a scene of unimaginable violence. He shared the horrific details with media outlet CNN, explaining that his daughter had been attacked from multiple directions by a group of at least three to five people. The evidence at the scene suggested that at least three different guns were used in the assault.

Danielle, who was born in Palo Alto, California, had attended the Nova Festival in southern Israel with her boyfriend of six years, Noam Shai. Tragically, they were among the 260 victims who lost their lives during the brutal attack.

Eyal Waldman revealed that Danielle, her boyfriend, and a few other young individuals had tried to escape the chaos by seeking refuge in a white Toyota hatchback. However, their attempt to find safety was tragically cut short when they were ambushed by the terrorists and shot with AK assault rifles.

Israel war
Scores of buildings have been razed to the ground after Israel retaliated with airstrikes on Monday X

The devastated father said that the victims, including his daughter, had done nothing to harm anyone and were innocent bystanders. Danielle had recently shifted into a new apartment with Noam and their pet dog. She had also served in the Israeli military, where she had met and fallen in love with Noam.

In a heartbreaking twist, Danielle had expressed her desire to marry Noam during their last conversation. Eyal Waldman fondly remembered her, saying, "Everyone who met her loved her. She was a kind and loving person who never harmed anyone." Instead of the joyous wedding they had planned, Danielle and Noam were laid to rest beside each other, a poignant and tragic end to a life filled with promise and love.