Israel-Born Actress Noa Tishby Demands FBI Probe Into Funding of Pro-Palestine Organizations

Actress also highlighted challenges faced by university campuses in countering antisemitic rhetoric.

Renowned Israel-born actress and activist Noa Tishby has called on the FBI to conduct a thorough investigation into the potential funding of pro-Palestinian organizations by terrorist groups.

Tishby, Israel's former special envoy for combating antisemitism, testified before the House Ways and Means Committee, urging federal and state law enforcement to act promptly.

Noa Tishbu

In her testimony, Tishby emphasized the need to scrutinize the funding sources of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), citing evidence linking members of these groups to support and financing of terrorist organizations, including Hamas."The terrorists currently hold over 200 Israeli, American, and citizens of other countries hostage. The time for criminal investigation is right now," Tishby asserted during the hearing.

Following Tishby's testimony, bipartisan agreement was reached among panel members to send letters to the FBI and IRS, formally requesting an investigation into the funding of these organizations. Tishby, in an interview with The Post, deemed this action "long overdue."

The actress expressed concern about the rising anti-Jewish hatred in the United States, emphasizing that the issue had been festering beneath the surface. She highlighted the challenges faced by university campuses, not only in countering antisemitic rhetoric but also in addressing denials of the atrocities perpetrated by Hamas.

Jonathan Schanzer, a former Treasury Department terrorism finance analyst, provided insight into the funding connections. He revealed that AMP, founded by University of California professor Hatem Al Bazian, currently employs individuals with ties to defunct organizations that contributed over $12 million to Hamas.

During the hearing, Schanzer reiterated his 2016 testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee, detailing sanctions and prison sentences imposed on leaders of organizations, such as the Holy Land Foundation, KindHearts, and the Islamic Association for Palestine, after revelations of terror financing.

While some members of the House Ways and Means Committee dismissed Schanzer's assessment of AMP's influence, Tishby emphasized the urgency of addressing organizations with alleged ties to terrorism.

Recent actions against pro-Palestinian groups include Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's directive to ban SJP from the state's university system due to its "harmful support for terrorist groups." Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares initiated a probe into AMP's unregistered status and potential misuse of funds.

Tishby, also a bestselling author, denounced SJP as a "hate group" during her remarks and called for permanent bans on university campuses, drawing parallels to the treatment of other extremist organizations.

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The actress further urged Congress to cease support for groups with alleged terrorist links, expressing dismay over members of Congress accepting donations from AMP. She aligned with Schanzer's view that members of Congress should not share funding sources with organizations tied to terrorism.

In her closing statements, Tishby emphasized the importance of bringing attention to the atrocities committed by Hamas, collaborating with fellow actress Gal Gadot to highlight these issues. She also shared her perspective on criticizing government policies while supporting the safety and security of Israel.

The call for an FBI investigation into the funding of pro-Palestinian organizations signifies a major development in addressing concerns about potential ties to terrorism within these groups.