ISIS Women Forcing Young Boys into Impregnating Them to Increase Population of Islamic State at Syrian Detention Centres

The Al Hol Camp in Syria houses thousands of ISIS-linked women, who surrendered or were captured as a result of the 2019 territorial defeat of the so-called Islamic State. Twitter

Boys as young as 13 are claiming they are being forced into sex with ISIS women and impregnating them at Syrian detention centres in a bid to increase the population of the Caliphate as there are no men on the camps.

The women have forced at least ten young teenagers into performing sexual acts, two victims have come forward with claims.

Victim Claims He was Forced to Have Sex with 8 Women in Few Days

"We are being forced to have sex with the ISIS women, to impregnate," Ahmet, 13, and Hamid, 14, told a guard at Camp al-Hol in northern Syria, Syrian Defence Force officials told The Daily Beast, adding that this is also happeing at Roj camp where jihadi brides Shamima Begum, from Britain, and American Hoda Muthana are being held.

Camp al Hol is one of the detention centers housing approximately 8,000 foreign ISIS-affiliated women and children who surrendered or were captured as a result of the 2019 territorial defeat of the so-called Islamic State.

Violence, exploitation and lawlessness is rampant at the camp, international aids groups have said. Some women linked to ISIS at the al-Hol camp still feed their children the group's extremist ideology. Now, Ahmet and Hamid have claimed that they have been victims of sexual violence, with one of the boys telling camp staff he was forced to have sex with eight ISIS women in just a few days.

Some of the Boys Hidden in Underground Tunnels

Al Hol camp
The Al Hol camp in Syria. Twitter

Officials said the ISIS women in Camp al Hol told the teens they wanted to get pregnant to increase the population of the Islamic State, which they believe is going to be reinstated when fighters come and break them out of the camps.

A camp guard said at least 10 boys at al Hol were involved, some only located and rescued when the Syrian Defense Force (SDF) officials went into the camp and found them hidden by the women in underground tunnels.

Boys Being Forced to Have Viagra-Like Drugs

Young boys have also been raped by ISIS women in the Roj camp. One boy at the Roj camp collapsed and was rushed to hospital after he was plied with a Viagra-like drug to make him perform, reports The Daily Beast.

Officials said there is a high rate of pregnancies at these camps, which should not be possible as ISIS men are held in separate camps. Some pregnancies may have been the result of illicit relationships with guards, despite safeguards in place to make sure that doesn't happen, but officials say the boys are clearly being exploited by ISIS women.

Some of the ISIS women in Camp al Hol hide this practice by giving birth without the help of the camp's official doctors, aided by detainees who are also doctors and nurses.

So far, the SDF and Autonomous Administration of North East Syria (AANES) has worked hard to keep surrendered and captured ISIS-affiliated families together. But as these boys age into puberty and beyond, the AANES and SDF are now taking steps to protect them from sexual predation and abuse.