Irina Antonenko: Top 10 photos of the Russian model that will leave you wanting more

Irina Antonenko: Here are top 10 sizzling photos of the Russian model that will leave you wanting more.

Russian model-actor Irina Antonenk won the Miss Russia title in 2010. She was also placed in the top 15 at the Miss Universe 2010. The diva has been away from the limelight for quite sometime now, but she often grabs her fans' attention through her social media presence.

The 28-year-old sultry model has recently shared some of the hottest and sexiest pictures of hers that have left everyone awestruck by her beauty and grace. Antonenk has much to offer to her fans through her official Instagram handle.

In one of her Instagram photos, she is seen sporting a sexy blue swimsuit and shades while her hair was left to fly along the wind. She looks extremely gorgeous and one could hardly take ones eyes off.

Irina Antonenko
Irina Antonenko sizzles in black bikini

The photo was clicked against a backdrop of the blue sea while the location remained a secret to her fans.

Antonenk also shared a picture in which she does a full split, which shows that she is quite flexible in performing stunts as well.

While her sexy photos and videos have stunned her fans, Antonenk is more popular for her Hollywood films.

She has starred in several Hollywood films including The Darkest Hour, Elastic and Breakaway.

Antonenk is known to have been involved in very few relationship controversies.

The Russian model had only one relationship previously and is known to have tied the knot with Vyacheslav Fedotov from 2012–2014.

According to reports, Antonenk is now single and away from any kind of relationship controversies.

Antonenko has more than 158K fans following her on the social media account, who love to like and comment on her sizzling posts.

Antonenk often shares pictures of herself on Instagram that leave her fans wanting more.