Iranian Official Responsible for Enforcing Hijab, Suspended After Video of Him Engaging in Sex with a Man Emerges

Reza Tsaghati
Reza Tsaghati (left) and in a still from the alleged video leaked on social media. Twitter

An Iranian official responsible for enforcing the controversial hijab law has been suspended from his position in the wake of a circulating video allegedly showing him engaging in gay sex.

The authenticity of the video, purportedly featuring Reza Tsaghati, the head of culture and Islamic guidance in Gilan province, has not been officially confirmed.

According reports, Tsaghati is known for establishing a cultural center that promotes piety and advocates for women's adherence to wearing the hijab. His removal from office comes as authorities claim to have had no prior knowledge of his actions.

Homosexuality is Illegal in Iran

Same-sex relations are prohibited in Iran, with potential penalties, even the death penalty, for those involved. The LGBTQ community in the country faces discrimination and marginalization.

Recently, during a visit to Uganda, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi strongly criticized Western attitudes toward the LGBTQ community. He accused the West of attempting to propagate homosexuality to disrupt human procreation.

Protests Over the Death of Mahsa Amini

Earlier this year, Iran witnessed powerful protests related to the hijab and religious enforcement following the death of Mahsa Amini.

The young woman had been taken into custody by the morality police for alleged dress code violations. These demonstrations escalated into demands for the overthrow of Iran's clerical rulers, as protesters accused them of corruption and repression.

The Iranian government attributed the protests to foreign interference but provided no concrete evidence to support their claims.