iPhone 9, Galaxy S9 with killer features rumour making rounds

New rumours reveal some exciting details about the iPhone 9 and Galaxy S9 devices.

While Samsung is still on the verge of shipping the Galaxy S8 and Apple tight-lipped about iPhone 8's release date, new rumours pertaining to the firms' future smartphones have just made rounds. New reports reveal that the iPhone 9 might be rocking an OLED screen while the Galaxy S9 an Infinity display with 4K capability.

iPhone 9 rumours

The iPhone 9 has just started to gain its share of popularity after rumours spread that it will be sporting an OLED display. A Korean publication first reported that the next-generation handset will wear such component after the iPhone 8. The screen in talks is believed to be larger than the iPhone 8 by inches which will be provided by rival Samsung. It was previously reported by The Investor that the Cupertino firm has already placed an order for 180 million OLED units, 80 million of which are said allocated for the iPhone 8.

The iPhone 9 will come in two sizes—the 5.28 inches and the 6.46 inches. Many, however, are dubious of these figures considering they are the conventional iPhone size and too exact to be true. In the meantime, Apple is certainly busy for now with developments in iPhone 8 as it is the 10th-anniversary device of the company.

Galaxy S9 rumours

The Galaxy S9, codenamed "Start", is reported in development as of the press time. The device is said to be released in March 2018, the original schedule of the Galaxy S devices. The up and coming phone is speculated to carry an Infinity display with 4K resolution.

Samsung executives have previously expressed their fervor over bringing such innovation into their future phones. However, this feature should come with a price.

For now, the information has to be taken with a pinch of salt since there is no confirmation from the tech giants yet.

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