A new leak has revealed the iPhone 8's mint design which is believed to mark a significant refresh in Apple's history in the iPhone line-up. Apple is raising the bar high by delivering iPhone 8 designs that have not been introduced by its rivals.

Fans are expecting that Apple will bring an impeccably new design for the iPhone 8 as its 10th-anniversary smartphone. With the recent leak though, it suggests that the Cupertino manufacturer will meet the public's expectations.

A bunch of images has been posted on Reddit ostensibly showing off the iPhone 8's schematics and components. The source of the images is purportedly someone who works for Apple's supplier; the caption reads, "I have a friend in the industry who just sent me these. He said the Chinese manufacturers got these last week."

Based on these images, the iPhone 8 will rock a 5.8-inch OLED display with no reservations for the bezels. Unlike Essential's PH-1 and Samsung's Galaxy S8, Apple is reported to push the limits for its forthcoming smartphone by completely removing the edges. However, questions linger pertaining to Apple's means of placing the ear speaker, front camera, and light sensor.

Apart from completely ditching the bezels, Apple is said to integrate the Touch ID sensor into the phone's display. While the frames of the supposed iPhone 8 are shown, the back panel seems to have nothing other than the company logo and some texts at the bottom—no marks of a fingerprint scanner for that matter. Earlier rumours suggest the sensor will be comfortably poised at the back of the iPhone 8.

In the meantime, the source points out that Apple will finally be providing a support for wireless charging for iPhone 7s and iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 8 launch is speculated to take place by September. This is a month late for Samsung's reported August release for the Galaxy Note 8.