iPhone 8 latest image leak reveals Touch ID sensor on rear end and other specifications

The newest set of images seems to suggest that the Touch ID sensor would be placed on the back of the iPhone 8 below the Apple logo

At a time when leaked images are revealing a lot about upcoming phones, another leaked image is making rounds on the Internet, which has been sourced from a Chinese site named iPhonero and it claims to give the clearest look yet of the design of the latest venture of Apple, the iPhone 8. The image seems to leak a lot of information about the specifications and features of the phone which are highly anticipated by the mobile phone users.

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There have been particularly varying opinions about where the Touch ID sensor will be placed in the new iPhone 8. While some of the experts have claimed that the Touch ID will be placed beneath the display portion of the new device, some others have opined that owing to the manufacturing difficulties it will be placed on the rear end of the device. The newest set of images seems to suggest that the Touch ID sensor would be placed on the back of the device below the Apple logo, which some experts think would make the device more user-friendly.

There were images leaked earlier of CAD drawings which confirmed to the Touch ID sensor position. The drawing also revealed other details like vertical camera design, the placement of camera flash and much more, some of which has been revealed in the latest leak as well. Previously, when the CAD drawings were released some claimed that the design at the back of the new device was to enable wireless charging but latest images confirm that it is for Touch ID sensor instead.

Current iPhones' touch ID sensor Reuters

Another leaked image which depicts the front of the device was released by Benjamin Geskin, a Twitter leaker. The front of the device seems to be revealing a lot about the art-of-the-future design with nearly bezel-less structure. Earlier some leaked images claimed that the screen wrapped around the speaker and front camera, but the recent leak reveals the cutouts located in the small portion of the top bezel.

While the legitimacy of leaked images has always been questioned, iPhoneros that hosted the images claimed that the Chinese source which sent them the images have "never sent us false information." Although there is no surety as to whether the designs revealed in the leaks is the same which will be later released this fall, it is likely that these images are among the designs which Apple has tested for their latest device.