iPhone 11 rumors, features: Touchless gesture support will be available?

Foldable iPhone conceptRoy Gilsing
Foldable iPhone concept Roy Gilsing

During Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference held last week at San Jose, California, analysts and tech enthusiasts were able to get a small glimpse of the upcoming iPhone 11 based on announcements made about the next big phone OS.

The announcement of Apple's iOS 13 showed us that we are getting an iPhone that will have the following features: Dark Mode, improved photo functions, a maps upgrade and customizable Memoji avatars, among others.

And although the updates sound mediocre at best, this doesn't mean that the Cupertino giant doesn't have anything new up its sleeve. Considering that Apple is a creature of habit, we can be sure to expect bigger and more groundbreaking features once Apple decides to finally reveal its new flagship phone. At this point, expect it sometime this Fall when the iOS 13 is also expected to be available for download.

Apart from what the iOS 13 could bring, some of the main features that can be expected from the next iPhone include a triple camera rendering at the back which promises better macro photography capabilities. We might also be seeing an iPhone that's capable of wireless charging as well as a front-facing camera that's expected to be 30 percent faster to operate.

Another exciting possibility that's said to be coming to the iPhone 11 is touchless gesture support. According to CNET, this feature is unlikely to happen to a phone that's running on iOS 13 but it can be offered once the iOS 14 rolls out.

Through the touchless gesture (a feature that did not fly in LG's G8 and Samsung's Galaxy S phones) users will be able to initiate functions without even touching the screen or the Apple device. This could be opening a phone when there's a new message or answering a call by simply hovering one's hand over the screen. This feature, however, is expected to come next year so it will definitely not be part of the iPhone 11 just yet once it gets introduced in the later part of 2019.

Apart from the touchless gesture, the next iPhone could also have an improved Siri, one who no longer speaks like a robot and has a better human interface.

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