Iowa Woman Calls 911 on Man She Met on Dating App, Falsely Accuses Him of Abuse Because She Wanted to Avoid Going Out with Him

Sumaya Thomas
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An Iowa woman has been arrested for calling 911 to avoid going out with a man she met on a dating app, police said.

Sumaya Thomas, 18, was arrested after police said she told a dispatcher that her abusive ex-boyfriend of two years was outside her home and sending her threatening text messages on June 16.

Thomas told Dispatcher She was Pregnant with the Man's Baby

According to a criminal complaint, Thomas said the man told her that he wanted to hit, kick, punch and stab her. She also said that she was pregnant with the man's baby. The majority of their conversations took place over Snapchat, the woman said.

Upon arriving at the scene, an officer with the North Liberty Police Department spotted the man leaving the residence.

Police Detained the Man For Over an Hour Over the False Accusations

The man told an officer that he started speaking to the woman a week ago on a dating app. The two then moved their conversations off the platform and started to text. The man showed police the text and dating app conversations. Police then confirmed that the messages were sent to the woman's phone number.

The man was detained for over an hour due to the false accusations, police said.

Thomas Confessed to Filing a False Report Because She Got 'Cold Feet'

During a third interview, Thomas admitted to making the false report because she got "cold feet on meeting him and no longer wanted to."

The complaint states: "She advised she didn't think officers would help so she made up this call and the events that she described."

The woman was arrested on June 16 on two false reporting charges, which are both misdemeanor crimes. The woman was later released from the Johnson County Jail.