iOS 12 most requested features revealed

With iOS 12 touted to arrive in 2018, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch share their requests for the forthcoming update.

Less than three months after Apple released the official iOS 11 update, the community now has a lot of things in mind for the next major iOS update. With iOS 12 touted to arrive in 2018, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch share their requests for the forthcoming update.

On sites networking platform Behance, Prince Studio released the survey results of its iOS 12 poll conducted in November. Titled 'The Ultimate iOS 12 Wishlist,' here are six of the top six most requested new features in the next iOS update.

New design

Topping the poll is a new design for the next iOS version. Users want Apple to bring in a fresh take on the overall interface in iOS 12 as the last major redesign was observed in iOS 7. A prediction is made that Apple will only give a makeover to a few standard apps like Safari, just like what happened to the App Store in iOS 11.

New notification layout

Many iOS device owners also call for a new notification layout. With iOS 11, the Notification Centre and the lock screen can be ambiguous when there are tonnes of notifications from different apps. Apple could solve this by grouping notifications according to apps, for example.

Dark Mode

Although Apple added the Smart Colour Invert option in iOS 11, users seem unsatisfied with this feature as Dark Mode has become one most requested feature. Per suggestions, a Dark Mode button in the Control Centre could come handy, and the light sensor in the iPhone and iPad could be used to automatically turn on the Dark Mode to adapt to the current time.

Split View

Apple has to consider making iPad's split view feature available on iPhone. Apple's smartphones are getting bigger and it wouldn't hurt if it will give iPhone users the ability to work two apps beside each other.

Lock with Touch ID, Face ID

Security features like the Touch ID and Face ID are also suggested to expand its use to more apps and tools. For example, Messages could be locked and unlocked using the Touch ID or Face ID. Although, there are already a number of apps using this security feature.


Finally, many iOS users are also requesting Apple to improve the speed, performance and stability of its devices in iOS 12.

Making honourable mentions in the most requested new features in iOS 12 include a volume hud, group FaceTime, new wallpapers, new app icons, redesigned Control Centre, quick camera settings and home screen widgets, among others.

What about you? What do you want to see on iOS 12? Share your thoughts below!