'Intoxicated' Woman Goes on Masturbation Spree in Front of Cops; Says She is 'Pleasing Boys'

A stark-naked woman was caught masturbating in a pick-up truck parked at a car dealership in Mankato, a city located 80 miles from Minneapolis. Jennifer Dorit Weber, who continued with her self-pleasure despite the arrival of the cops, was found to be highly intoxicated.

Hailing from Arlington, Weber was arrested and charged for indecent exposure, narcotics possession, DWI, and entering a vehicle without the owner's permission, all of which are misdemeanors.

Jennifer Dorit Weber
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Weber Claimed to be in Mankato 'To Please the Boys'

In the incident which occurred last week, the 911 received multiple calls about a naked woman "walking around and jumping in and out of vehicles" at a car dealership.

The Smoking Gun reported that upon reaching the spot, the Minnesota cops found a naked 35-year-old Weber masturbating as she laid across the floor of a pickup truck.

According to the court filing, the 911 dispatchers were told that a nude woman was sitting alone on the drivers seat inside a gold-colored Pontiac SUV. The callers said that she "looked happy and did not appear to be hurt but appeared to possibly be under the influence."

When the cops arrived at the dealership, they found the vehicle running and empty. However, they spotted feet dangling from the rear door of another vehicle, Chevrolet Silverado, parked few feet away.

"The cops found a nude woman lying on her back with feet up in the air digitally penetrating her vagina. Weber, who identified herself, appeared to be talking to people that were not present. It was also reported that Weber, who thought she was in a car in St. Petersburg, said that she was in the area to 'please the boys' the document read.

Meth and Metal Spoon Found in the Vehicle

The presence of the cops or arrival of the EMS did not stop Weber from masturbating or stop saying nonsensical statements.

According to the outlet, while the cops could not find Weber's clothing including her pants and underwear, they did find a metal spoon which appeared to be drug "paraphernalia". The cops also found crystal substance which was later found to be meth.

According to the Statement of Probable Cause, it was finally after an hour-long negotiation that Weber agreed to step out of the SUV and sent to a local hospital. During the negotiations too, Weber continued to masturbate in full public view.

Speaking to the cops, the SUV's owner said that he did not give Weber permission to enter his vehicle which was parked for servicing.