Internet Buzz: Kate Middleton's Latest Car Photo Sparks Photoshop Speculation

Despite denials from the photographer, doubts linger over the authenticity of the image

Controversies around British royal family are not seemingly dying anytime soon. Kate Middleton's recent absence from public view has sparked various conspiracy theories circulating online. Questions arose particularly after the Princess of Wales acknowledged an editing mistake in a Mother's Day photo featuring her and her three children. Since then, every image released by the Palace or its affiliates has faced intense scrutiny.

The 42-year-old Duchess was photographed alongside Prince William on Monday, seemingly putting an end to speculations about her disappearance. However, doubts persist among some internet users.

Kate and Williams

Claims have emerged on social media platforms like x (formerly Twitter) suggesting that the image of Kate Middleton in a car may have been digitally altered. Users questioned why only William's face is clearly visible in the photo and why none of the images captured the full face of the Princess, despite being taken from someone's phone. Additionally, discrepancies in the color of the bricks visible through the car windows raised suspicions.

Concerns extended to the car itself, with some users noting peculiarities such as the appearance of six wheels and apparent inconsistencies in the reflection of the surrounding environment.

Speculations even emerged suggesting that the photo might be old, dating back to Christmas 2023, due to alleged discrepancies in Middleton's appearance.

Responding to the allegations, the photographer who took the photo denied any manipulation, stating that their agency only adjusts light levels when necessary. They attributed any anomalies to the unpredictable nature of car photography.

Earlier, Middleton issued a rare public statement apologizing for the editing error in a previous photo. She clarified that, like many amateur photographers, she occasionally experiments with editing but expressed regret for any confusion caused.

The Duchess's recent appearance alongside Prince William may have quelled some rumors, but skepticism persists online.