Instantly Fall in Love With These 5 Super Cute Furry Pet Influencers From Singapore? They Are no Less Than Instagram Celebrities

They have followers in thousands

We all come across cute reels and images of animals going viral on social media that steal everyone's heart instantly on the internet. Many of these are actually pet influencers! Yes, you read it right, pet influencer marketing is the next big thing on Instagram. These pets are selling everything from vacuum cleaners to vet products to floor cleaners. Millions of people follow them to check their cute feeds. Dogs, cats, birds, and even reptiles have become influencers because of their sheer innocence and the unbelievably cute acts they do in front of the camera. They are not only popular like celebs but also earn thousands of dollars per post by endorsing multiple brands. Here are a few of the cutest furry influencers from Singapore, making their followers crazy with their super amazing posts and videos.


The pet dog of YouTuber Jia Hao Tan named Buncha is the most popular pet influencer from Instagram. Can you imagine this cute little pomeranian has more than $1 million networth. He is very popular on social media. Both Jian and Naomi keep posting her images on Instagram. Buncha had a dedicated Instagram account with more than a million followers, but unfortunately it has been removed.

Baby Buncha

Little yeti Ching Ching:

An absolutely loveable long-haired Shih Zu dog Little Yeti Ching Ching has 202k followers. Can you imagine a dog would be loved so much? But if you see this 9-year-old super cool pet influencer you will also fall in love with him. His human keeps him too stylish in most fashionable pet clothes. He is well groomed naughty and cute and grabs super quick attention with his puppy eyes and acts.

Singapore- Little yeti

Brossy Mewington:

Brossy is a cute furry cat with 52k+ followers on Instagram. Brossy is a male cat who has not only endorsed many cat food and other brands but has also been covered by the media. This 4-year-old white mainecoon is so adorable that you can not miss following him. Brossy endorses many brands like cat food- Kitcat, and the Online pet shop- GrabMart.

Singapore_ Brossy


Miya is a Huskaranian dog with 34k followers. He can easily steal your heart with his cuteness and loveable acts. Miya gives poses for photoshoots like a pro. Whether he running to get his ball or posing for a Christmas shoot, Miya's every act is cuteness at its best. No one can avoid giving him the attention he deserves. Miya also has a soulmate Kiyo. One can see them together in a lot of many feeds.


Sasha & Piper:

Sasha & Piper are two cute white fluffy terriers who are famous for wearing stylish neckerchiefs. These cuties have 25k+ followers on Instagram. From Furbo 360-degree dog cameras to cute dog toys, these 2 endorse many other pet brands. Always sticking together, these two furry celebs also have been covered by the media as the rising pet influencers of Singapore.

This article was first published on March 21, 2023