Installer 5 beta finally arriving in the coming days

iOS 11 jailbreak

Installer 5, the much-anticipated Cydia alternative, will soon be released as a functional beta version has already been confirmed taking shape. Slated to be rolled out in the next few days, the beta version will give users an opportunity to test it out in its early form and provide feedback on what should come out as a ready app.

Good news for those who have been patiently waiting for updates to Jay Freeman's Cydia and Cydia Substrate tools as the developers behind Installer 5 is recently making progress in leaps and bounds. ModMy's Dennis Bednardz just announced on Friday via Twitter that a "working UI prototype" of the new Installer is up for release "in the coming days".

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"We will have a working UI "prototype" in the coming days where people will be able to install a dummy app to test the UX," reads Bednardz's post, announcing that the codes for the user interface and the actual black magic are being worked on separately to maximise time.

At the moment, non-developers who are keen to jailbreak their 64-bit iPhone or iPad devices running iOS 11 and later do not have the opportunity to try their hands on the new jailbreaks. Cydia, being the so-called App Store for jailbroken devices, has not been updated by Freeman yet to support any iOS 11 jailbreak, as well as Substrate, the platform to develop third-party add-ons for iOS.

There is obviously no mention of the exact release date from the announcement. Given the development team's hard work and timing strategy, however, Installer 5 beta should just be around the corner by now.

This article was first published on January 7, 2018