Cydia alternative Installer 5 for iOS 11 jailbreak to arrive very soon

iOS 11 jailbreak

An old name in the jailbreak scene has recently resurfaced, announcing its support for iOS 10 and iOS 11 jailbreak. While the community earnestly waits for Jay Freeman to provide updates to Cydia and Substrate for new jailbreaks, an alternative has been revealed to arrive very soon.

Infini Dev on Wednesday, December 27 announced via Twitter that Installer 5, an alternative to Cydia, will be coming soon. Sam Guichelaar leads the progression at Infini Dev for Installer 5, but the developer has not mentioned when exactly the tool will become available for public release.

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Its website, which is yet to be officially launched, describes Installer 5 as "an open source, free package manager for jailbroken devices on iOS 10 and iOS 11". Installer's last version was released back in 2011, which is quite antiquated, so the future update "has been completely redeveloped from the ground up".

Even before Cydia and the App Store arrived, Installer or already carved a niche back in 2008 as the first app store or package manager for jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS. The iconic blue search button on earlier iPhones is one of its first known contributions.

As a Cydia alternative, Installer 5 is expected to provide source management, packages that can be installed directly on an iOS device and the capability to handle and update installed packages.

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On Twitter, some jailbreak followers have asked a few things about Installer 5 and what to expect from it, like if it is able to install tweaks just as Cydia does. Guichelaar has confirmed that it is indeed capable, "just in a different format".

It remains uncertain at the moment whether this tool will require Cydia Substrate or the developers have their own version of Substrate to make it work. If it needs Freeman's Substrate, then users will have to wait for him to provide updates for iOS 11 jailbreak before they can take advantage of this new tool.

This article was first published on December 29, 2017