Instagram adds AI tools to block hateful and spam comments on posts

The AI filters have been trained by experts to identify and block offensive comments


Tech industries all over the world are getting more and more dependent on artificial intelligence for good and now it's time for Instagram to use AI. Instagram has recently announced two new tools, both of which use AI to block offensive spam comments on the posts.

The Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform said that the concerned AI filters have been trained by experts to identify and block comments from appearing underneath the posts of the users if they are recognized by the AI tools as either offensive or related to spam.

How can the Instagrammers make use of the tool? Glad you asked. Instagram has added a dedicated button to the app's settings under the "comments" section, which will allow users to turn on the comment blocking feature.

"Powered by machine learning, today's filters are our latest tools to keep Instagram a safe place," Instagram chief executive officer Kevin Systrom wrote in a blog post. Systrom also added that the Instagram team of experts has been working on the AI tool for quite some time now, so that, you can get rid of those annoying spam comments and prevent haters from posting offensive statements on your posts.

Further, Kevin Systrom wrote, "The tools will improve over time, enabling the community's experience of sharing to improve as well. We hope to make these filters available in more languages as our algorithms improve."

The company believes that using machine learning to build tools in order to protect "self-expression is an important step in fostering more inclusive, kinder communities," Mr. Systrom said.

"Our work is far from finished and perfect, but I hope we're helping you feel safer and more welcome on Instagram," he added.