Innovative Apple Glass Concept Can Replace Your Smartphone Completely

In the concept Apple glasses, one can use a virtual keyboard, tap on apps and even adjust ambient lighting.

Imagine you could do everything with your eyeglasses that a smartphone can achieve. What if you could play games, type messages, use navigation tools and adjust the tint of your eyeglasses depending on the light. Sounds science fiction, right? But all of them can come true as per a designer's concept video.

In futuristic footage, designer Iskander Utebayev has showcased how you can replace your smartphone with a smart glass that uses augmented reality (AR). The video, which was released on Instagram, is a mock design of Apple's next big thing, 'iGlass'.

The Minority Report styled glasses can let you use a virtual keyboard, see apps and games and can even let you touch the app icons and read the contents, something that can potentially replace your smartphone completely.

iGlass concept
Apple is rumored to be working on an AR spectacle Instagram/ Iskander Utebayev

Competitors Ahead

The concept of using AR in spectacles is not new. Google tried its best to implement the technology in its Google Glass in 2012. But it turned out to be a monumental failure and the project was abandoned completely in a few years' time. Microsoft too has tried its hands on HoloLens but a $3,500 price tag means it has been limited to use within the specific industries. Apart from them, LG, HTC and Epson, besides many other companies, are trying to establish their names in the AR technology.

However, with Apple deciding to join the AR revolution, the possibility of it reaching the mass has been speculated widely. At present, as per the rumor mill, Apple can release the product within the first quarter of 2021.

Earlier this year, John Prosser, a YouTuber and a tech analyst, suggested that Apple's newest wearable could also offer prescription glasses at additional price with the base unit being priced at $499.

Expected Features

While Apple may not be able to completely implement Utebayev's concept, it is rumored to be a 5G-ready device that can continuously scan the environment and add sophisticated computer-generated graphics to display images.

In addition, Apple Glasses are expected to be thin and light similar to regular spectacles and not something like the conventional AR and VR devices that are bulky. Instead, Apple is expected to use the 'catadioptric system' that utilizes curved mirrors and lenses to combine reflection and refraction to eliminate magnifying lenses, as per The Sun. Thus, it would reduce the weight as well.

In recent times, Apple has also invested in virtual technology such as ARKit RealityKit, besides Reality Composer and Reality Converter. Apart from that, Apple has pushed for AR technology adding the LiDAR sensor in the new iPad Pro to better calculate distance from objects while also accurately create a 3D depth map.

Now, we have to see how many technologies and concepts Apple can add to its upcoming glasses, which is not even been officially announced.