'Inhuman' Russian Troops Planted Bomb in Milk Carton? Ukraine Woman Makes Damning Claim

The Russian troops had planted a bomb in a milk carton which was being provided as a food packet in Kherson, a Ukrainian woman has claimed, according to reports. She had brought home the aid package given by the Russians, which included oil and cereal.

The woman noticed the milk packet and doubted that it was already opened.

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Women Saw Something Suspicious

"My mother saw that the twist in the milk was not airtight, she thought that someone had already drunk it, that it could be spoiled," said her son, according to Newsweek.

The woman unscrewed it and found a string attached to a detonator. However, she was lucky that the bomb didn't explode.

Ukrainians Are Not Accepting Aid Packages

Residents in Kherson are very cautious about the aid packages given by the Russians. There had also been multiple cases of food poisoning from aid packets.

The Russian troops had also hidden explosive booby traps in the vehicles and homes of state employees.

Previously, civilians in Ukraine had also made claims that withdrawing Putin's military left mines on corpses and in homes to inflict massive casualties on Ukrainians when they are back in their cities.

At the start of this month, Putin's military withdrew from Ukraine's northern part to reorganize before striking again in Donbas and east regions.

The Russian troops had targeted the homes of states employees and hid explosive booby traps in their vehicles and homes. They have also been accused of severe war crimes in Bucha and other Ukrainian cities.

When Russian troops left Bucha, civilians bodies were found lying on the road suggesting that Putin's troops were involved in grave war crimes. Russian troops are also accused of raping Ukrainian women.

Currently, Kyiv officials are collecting evidence of the war crimes committed by Moscow's soldiers to represent these all at the International Court of Justice in the future.

Russian forces are now making serious efforts to take full control over Ukraine's east as Donetsk, Luhansk, and Kherson regions.