Influencer Janis Danner, German Tourists Accused of Toppling Over €200K Statue, Damaging Historic Fountain in Italy's Lombardy

Danis Janner
Janis Danner (left) and stills from the surveillance footage. Twitter/Instagram

A group of young German tourists is accused of destroying a valuable 19th-century Italian fountain statue, after surveillance footage showed them toppling the figure while posing for photos.

The Domina statue by artist Enrico Butti is estimated to be around 150 years old and its statue is estimated at around €200,000.

The video footage, now circulating on social media, shows a woman filming a group of men on her cellphone as two of them are seen holding on to the statue before it comes crashing down moments later.

As reported by Euro News, the group of German tourists had rented Villa Aleco, the home of the Domina statue. One of the tourists may have been the well-known influencer Janis Danner, who has 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

"Domina was in a way the woman who protected the villa," stated Bruno Golferini, the manager of Villa Alceo in the town of Viggiu. "Sadly, there are these ignorant people who do these kind of things."

Complaint Lodged Against Those Involved

The Domina statue
The Domina statue broken in pieces after the alleged vandalism. Twitter

Golferini has lodged a complaint against all 17 of the tourists, who have since left Italy. Police are investigating the surveillance footage.

"When we realized it, it was too late," Golferini told Italian news station TGCOM 24. "The boys did not respect the ban on entering the fountain and were filmed by video surveillance cameras while two of them embraced the statue, dropping it and destroying it, while four of their comrades shot videos with their cell phones."

He added that it would be difficult to repair the 1.70 metre statue.

Italian Minister Slammed the Group, 'Call Them Stupids'

Italy's Deputy Prime Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini, who reposted the story on Instagram said: "Instead of influencers, call them stupids."

Francesca Caruso, the councillor for culture of the Lombardy region, told local news outlets that the group must pay for the damage. "Those who damage the artistic and cultural heritage must pay a steep price."