Infinite Challenge, I Live Alone most talked about Korean TV programs for July

"Infinite Challenge" latest score is 49.16 percent more than its previous score of 8.71 million.

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(Clockwise from top left) "Infinite Challenge," "I Live Alone," "King of Masked Singer" and "Radio Star" MBC

MBC's "Infinite Challenge" and "I Live Alone" emerged as the most talked about Korean entertainment TV programs for July, according to a report.

"Infinite Challenge" got a whopping score of 12.99 million consisting of 3.43 million in brand participation index; 3.04 in media index; 1.88 million in communication index; 3.38 million in community index and 1.24 million in audience index.

The program's latest score is 49.16 percent more than its previous score of 8.71 million. "Infinite Challenge" stars Yoo Jae Suk. Haha, Park Myung Soo, Jeong Jun-ha and Yang Se-hyung.

In coming up with the results, the Korea Institute for Corporate Reputation analyzed 131 million pieces of big data of 40 entertainment programs from June 1 to 30.

Second place is "I Live Alone," which features the lives of celebrities who live as solo individuals, got a score of 7.81 million, an increase of 21.88 percent from its brand reputation index of 6.4 million.

"King of Masked Singer," another MBC program, placed third with a score of 7.05 million, rising by 13.08 percent from 6.24 million in June.

Rounding up the brand reputation index of the Top 20 Korean entertainment programs are:

4. "Radio Star" (MBC) - 6.64 million

5. "Mom's Diary-My Ugly Duckling" (SBS) - 6.09 million

6. "Happy Together" (KBS) - 5.38 million

7. "Running Man" (SBS) - 5.1 million

8. "Law of the Jungle" (SBS) - 4.78 million

9. "Knowing Bros" (JTBC) - 4.74 million

10. "The Return of Superman" (KBS2) - 3.88 million

11. "Hyori's Home Stay" (JTBC) - 3.82 million

12. "We Love Zines" (KBS) - 3.15 million

13. "Immortal Songs" (KBS) - 3.11 million

14. "Single Wife" (SBS) - 3.11 million

15. "Gag Concert" (KBS) - 2.85 million

16. "1 Night 2 Days" (KBS2) - 2.78 million

17. "See Through TV Inside" (KBS2) - 2.74 million

18. "Life Bar" (tvN) - 2.52 million

19. "Baek Jong Won's 3 Great Emperors" (SBS) - 2.49 million

20. "Let's Eat Dinner Together" (JTBC) - 2.46 million