Apink's Bomi accused of blackface in SNL Korea skit

This after Apink's Bomi was accused of doing blackface in a skit on the comedy show "Saturday Night Live Korea" on channel tvN.

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Bomi as "Michol" on "SNL Korea" Screenshot from tvN video

It seems that the blackface controversy isn't going to fade into oblivion on Korean TV anytime soon. This after Apink's Bomi was accused of doing blackface in a skit on the comedy show "Saturday Night Live Korea" on channel tvN.

In the July 1 episode of the TV show, Apink members were the guests and in one segment, the girls portrayed the characters in the Korean TV cartoon show "Dooly the Little Dinosaur."

"Dooly the Little Dinosaur" premiered in Korea in 1983 and one of its characters is "Michol," a black person who is an aspiring singer and whose role model is the late King of Pop Michael Jackson.

For the skit, Bomi portrayed Michol by wearing a curly wig and a line was drawn around her mouth to make it appear bigger.

Channel tvN uploaded the video to its YouTube channel and immediately drew criticisms from netizens outside Korean while others defended Bomi.

"Another disgusting blackface skit just cancel this trashy show already," commented one YouTube user.

One commenter wrote, "Korea is never going to learn, are they. The comments below defending this show are pathetic" while another said, "I hope Bomi and SNL apologise and while they're at it cancel SNL."

Others came to the defense of Bomi, saying she was just cosplaying.

"Apink especially Bomi did nothing wrong. They just did what SNL Korea told them to. Don't hate Apink. And for me Apink doing a pretty good job to make us laugh and to do some exact scene from the cartoon like that is not easy. So please appreciate what they did. Apink you all did a very good job. Fighting!!!" a fan wrote.

Another fan said, "People Bomi is simply parodying the Korean cartoon character from 'Dooly'. Michol is actually a real KOREAN with dark skin and curly hair!!!!! There is no blackface here."

"Come on.. Bomi just doing cosplay animation character.. don't over react please this is not Bomi fault.. Apink saranghaaee. Haters always be haters i don't care," one fan added.

tvN and Apink have yet to issue a statement about the skit.

In April, Korean comedienne Hong Hyun-hee was severely criticised for doing blackface on the SBS TV program "People Looking for a Laugh."

The production crew and Hong Hyun-hee later apologized for the racist skit.

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