Monkeys Snatch Infant From Grandmother and Kills Him by Throwing Into Water Tank

In a shocking incident, a group of monkeys is said to have grabbed an infant and thrown it in a water tank. The disturbing incident that took place in the Baghpat district of UP, India, left the baby dead. The tragic event occurred on Sunday, January 9.

According to IndiaTV News, the two-month-old infant, Keshav, was sleeping with his grandmother on the terrace of his house. The door to the room in which the duo was sleeping was ajar. A group of monkeys reportedly entered the room and grabbed the baby.

When the infant's grandmother found him missing, she called out to the family members, who frantically started searching for the baby. The baby was later found floating in the water tank.

Representational Image Pixabay

The monkeys had tried to snatch the baby earlier also

The baby's parents, whose identities are not known at the moment, noted that the monkeys tried to snatch away the baby multiple times earlier. Their attempts had failed every time.

The Station House Officer (SHO) of Chandinagar said that the ruckus caused by the monkeys has become an issue. "The monkey menace is a major issue and we are informing forest officials to take necessary action," he said. More details about the incident were not available at the moment.

In another bizarre incident caught on camera, monkeys in an Indian village went on a killing spree and killed over 250 dogs by throwing them from the top of the buildings or trees last month. According to Indian news site News18, the monkeys, in an act of revenge, dragged the dogs to the top of the buildings and dropped them, after one of the puppies killed one of the monkeys' infants. The monkeys were later reported to be targeting young children as well. The incident took place in the Maharashtrian villages of Majalgaon and Lavul.