Indonesia: Joko Widodo Supporter Ade Armando Beaten, Stripped Naked Outside Parliament (Video)

Indonesian political activist Ade Armando was badly beaten and stripped naked by a mob outside the country's parliament in Jakarta on Monday. He became the victim of the mass beating as he was present at the site of the demonstration against the postponement of the 2024 General Election.

Ade, previously a lecturer at the University of Indonesia, is known for a long time to be part of the activists who support Jokowi's presidency with a variety of controversial comments.

Ade Armando
Ade Armando Twitter

Multiple violent videos have emerged online showing that some of the people present near the DPR building suddenly started attacking Armando. Some videos have shown that he was stripped naked on the roads by the mob.

How Did The Incident Start?

Videos that appeared online have suggested that the people started beating Armando as he got into an argument with the masses.

Student groups were protesting outside the parliament building against Widodo's possible plans to delay the 2024 general polls. It is believed that Armando could have argued with students present there, which could have started violent action.

Ade Armando
Ade Armando Twitter

Reports have suggested that during the demonstration on Monday, Armando admitted that he wanted to go to the field to express his support for the aspirations of the masses of the All-Indonesian Student Executive Board (BEM SI).

The incident became a hot issue on social media with many saying that they disagree with Armando's thoughts but this shouldn't have happened to him.

"I disagree with some of his opinions, even think some of them are problematic. However, Ade Armando doesn't deserve this. The police (cc @DivHumas_Polri) must find the perpetrator," said a Twitter user named @mirsyada98.

Meanwhile, the National Police in Jakarta have confirmed that the perpetrators of the incident will be subject to criminal proceedings but so far they have not made any arrests over the matter.

The National Police confirmed that whoever was behind the beating of social media activist Ade Armando in front of the Indonesian Parliament Building would be subject to criminal proceedings. Because the perpetrator's actions clearly violate the rules.

"Anyone who is proven to have committed a criminal act will be processed," said Head of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo when confirmed, Monday, April 11.

Why Did People Gather Outside Parliament Building?

The incident came as students across Indonesia held protests against the possible postponing of the 2024 presidential election that could allow President Widodo to remain in power beyond two terms of the legal limit.

Students have called such plans a threat to democracy and demonstrated outside the parliament building in Jakarta.

On Sunday, Widodo denied that his government is planning to delay the vote and maintained that the election has been set for February 14, 2024.