19 Killed in Central Mexico Shooting as Drug Cartels Clash in Michoacan State

At least 19 people were killed in central Mexico in armed conflicts between drug trafficking gangs on Sunday.

Reports of an attack emerged during a festive gathering in the town of Las Tinajas, Michoacan state, and later 19 lifeless bodies were found. The dead had gunshot wounds, revealed the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) said in a statement.

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Some other people were also injured in the incident and officials are still in the search of the people involved in the violent crime. However, they have not specified any motive for the shooting yet, according to France 24.

Turf War Between Rival Gangs

The Mexican state of Michoacan and nearby Guanajuato are the country's two most violent states, which witness a number of violent crimes due to turf wars between rival gangs, majorly involved in drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

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In another violent attack last month in Michoacan, 17 people were killed. The incident was believed to have taken place due to disputes between gangs. The government could not confirm the death toll however DNA samples of 11 victims were collected from the site.

Mexico Faced a Number of Armed Conflicts

Mexico has been marred by armed conflict among drug gangs for years. In 2006, the government launched a controversial anti-drug operation with federal troops to stop such incidents but the move did not turn out to be fruitful.

Since then, 3,40,000 deaths have been reported in armed conflicts and most of them are possibly the result of fighting between criminals related to drug cartels.

At least nine people were killed earlier this month in central Mexico. Among the victims were six men and three women and the incident had shaken the people in the peaceful area of Atlixco.

Mexico is also witnessing a surge in attacks against journalists as eighth media figure Armando Linares lost his life this month when he was shot in his home in Michoacan state. The journalist was involved in reporting the corruption in the local government and their involvement with the drug cartels.