Indonesia forest fire: 7 trapped Singaporean hikers rescued from Mount Raung

Sumatra forest fire
Sumatra forest fire WWF Singapore website

Seven Singaporeans and six other climbers were rescued from Mount Raung in Indonesia on Saturday, October 5 after they stuck inside the forest due to wildfire, which broke out in the area on Friday, October 4.

The forest fire blocked all the exit routes and the hikers got stuck inside the wild overnight. The National Disaster Management Authority of Indonesia stated that after they were alerted to this incident, a joint search and rescue team that included 25 men was deployed on Friday.

Apart from these seven Singaporean hikers, the group included two guides, two porters and two Indonesian climbers, said Indonesia's National Search and Rescue Agency (BASARNAS).

As per the Indonesian authority, prior to the evacuation, all these hikers were given breakfast and opportunities to rest.

Meanwhile, the officials from the rescue team carried out an instant physical check-up and provided medical assistance for those who had sustained mild burns and abrasions.

It should be mentioned that all seven Singaporeans were departed for Surabaya around 2 pm on Saturday.

Earlier, Singapore's Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli said in a Facebook post that the forest fires in Indonesia have released 360 million tonnes of carbon dioxide since August 2019.

He also stated that "We now are clear that these forest fires have a major impact on climate," adding that "The loss of carbon sinks in the burning of peat is irreversible."

This year, prior to the Formula 1-night race at Marina Bay Street Circuit, the National Environmental Agency (NEA) released a series of advisories to inform people about the unhealthy air condition in Singapore, caused by Indonesia forest fires.