Singapore haze: NEA warns Singaporeans about elevated unhealthy air condition

Singapore haze
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The National Environmental Agency (NEA) advised people to cut down their outdoor activities and seek immediate medical attention if they are feeling unwell due to aggravated poor air condition in the island.

The air quality continued to deteriorate in the island, as the 24-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading showed between 96 and 113 on Sunday at around 12 pm while the 1-hour PM2.5 concentration is 71-102 microgram per cubic metre.

PSI reading range
0-50: Good air quality
51-100: Moderate air quality
201-300: Very unhealthy air quality
Above 300: Hazardous air quality
PM2.5 concentration scale
8-55: Normal
56-150: Elevated
151-250: High
Above 250: Very high

In an advisory, NEA stated that due to this elevated unhealthy air quality, "The elderly, pregnant women and children should minimise prolonged or strenuous outdoor physical exertion, while those with chronic lung or heart disease should avoid prolonged or strenuous outdoor physical exertion.

"Persons who are not feeling well, especially the elderly and children, and those with chronic heart or lung conditions, should seek medical attention."

The country is facing this hazy and warm condition all over the island due to the smoke haze being blown in by the prevailing winds from Sumatra, where a total of 755 hotspots were detected on Saturday, September 21, an increase from the 655 hotspots which came under the radar on Friday, September 22.

NEA said in a release that most of these hotspots were found in the central and southern provinces of Sumatra, where moderate to dense smoke haze continued to emanate from persistent hotspots.

"Some of the smoke haze has spread to affect Singapore and parts of Peninsular Malaysia. In Kalimantan, a total of 344 hotspots were detected," said NEA adding that the widespread smoke haze has spread to the South China Sea areas to the east of Singapore, which is currently hoasting the famous night race of the F1 calendar, Singapore Grand Prix 2019 at Marina Bay Street Circuit.

However, the agency said that it is monitoring the situation closely and will provide further updates soon.